Famous Wine Tasting Makes For A Good Trip

wine tasting tours carmel-by-the-sea ca

It is nothing more than a day trip over the weekend if you happen to reside within driving distance of the sunny Carmel by the Sea. But in looking to get out something a lot different from your usual annual vacation, it could be well worth making a trip across the country for one of the wine tasting tours carmel-by-the-sea ca extravaganzas. You get to experience quite a few things out of one tour. And it is a healthy experience too.

For one thing, there will be a lot of walking to do. So, do brace yourself for this if you happen to still be on the sedentary side of life. It would be too easy to tell you all what to pack in for this trip, but let’s face it, that is something your guided tour operator will be informing you on well enough. Learning about the bouquets being produced from the fine vineyards is going to be one experience all of its own.

But, as they say, variety is the spice of life. Drinking the wine is all very fine, but not without a good plate before you. And not just any plate, mind you, the fine cuisine familiar to the region. What was being said earlier about this being a healthy vacation? Plenty of sunshine. Lots of walking. And healthy eating too. Fresh produce that makes for a fine and raw salad but all spoilt quite decadently with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and other infusions.

Vineyards and natural splendors all to be taken in. But do not forget to explore the towns as well. Apart from the countrified arts and crafts stores along the way, try and take in some of the history of these stopovers.